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To be or not to be? A simple questioning that invokes a greater reflection in the construction of an individual, however, for those whom it represents not a decision but the determination of its path, in the imposition of a foreign culture, becomes a return trip, a retrace the path that others walked for the resolution of a vital identity. That now becomes the reason for those who are excluded struggle for an indigenous ideal. A collective challenge in the shadow of that ideal.


The contemporary dance work proposed by the company H3, "Bastardos", is a journey into the interior of being itself. Accept a futile reality, without ignoring the value of my integral being. It brings us closer to a group of people who, for various reasons established by society and history, are marginalized from a system and taken to an isolated space.


We see the human who walks with a distant gaze to his reality, towards the inevitable denial of his will to be, for reasons that even time does not understand; his footsteps forced by a monster of a thousand fingers bring him closer to his confinement in "no time", where his name does not matter or his desires because his shadow will disappear for that sun.


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