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Winning Work of the X Call for Scholarships for Artistic and Cultural Creation - Medellín 2013


If you do not wish me I die


Life is an instant, and the value is in making it unique.

We are ephemeral, fragile, the result of our decisions, which in this unquestionable truth of mortality are linked to our desires, living in their shadow.


It would be empty to try to explain the staging of Hysteria, because it is more an invitation to a moment of intimacy in which each one, in time, is possibly exposed. Here is not to make a decision, that has already been done, it is rather to understand it.


The interpreters live in the shadow of a decision which makes them lose control. Feeling helpless Debate in situations without exit. Have the courage to get up again and again ... and scream.


Words silenced that embrace the decisions made. Dissatisfaction. Satisfaction. Isolation. Meeting. Questions. Words. Loneliness. Anguish.


A unique strength keeps them standing, a false reality, to see how every moment of intimacy is diluted between the fingers. Emotions contained. A sigh.

Movement. A silence Hysteria.


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