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In cities under construction, more demanding societies, a race is overflowing with the subjects that as individuals try to insert themselves, with the devastating fact of losing more and more the connection with their own roots. Thus, a hard and terrifying super-ego is established, much more implacable than any other previously invented imperative, which sticks to the individual's skin and repeats to him non-stop: "You have to want to, you have to be desirable, you have to participate in the competition, In the struggle, in the life of the world.If you stop, you cease to exist.If you stay behind, you are dead. " Clouding the expression of what the very essence of man seeks.

Our thinking begins to move en masse. There is no longer a vision of things, we lose our own identity, our struggle to feel, to live. Now rather the purpose of our existence is the achievement to obtain material things, to transcend more than others and many other things of equal importance.

We entered into a routine and the city continues to build the infrastructures of receiving their messages. He continues to perfect means of displacement for beings who have nowhere to go because they are not comfortable anywhere; Continues to develop media for beings who no longer have anything to say; Continues to facilitate the possibilities of interaction between beings who no longer want to enter into relationships with anyone. How to stop this is what is practically impossible, the only thing possible is to rescue what we have left of our roots and capture in our opinions the essence of each one, so that someday we will not get lost in a whole.

Men of an absent city, is a series of meetings and disagreements of beings of city that saturate in their daily life, they realize that they have already left, there is no one to say goodbye, that they have long been absent. They begin to doubt themselves, their depressions are multiplying, their uprooting is accentuated becoming their lifestyle, without ties, nomadic beings, no return, no identity and now collide with an indifferent city. Outside of the other, they immerse themselves in a solitary world, building their own truths. They look for their essence that is challenged when faced with the other. Exposing themselves are vulnerable, but they can not escape anymore.

Now they start a race against the clock to be present, to find themselves in the other. Bodies in movement in front of a given reality, a forced intimacy, an inescapable collectivity. They come from afar, they value what they once were, they miss and they want to return. They cling to the other who reminds them of who they were, so that they no longer believe in strangers, not to be alone and to feel their own place, an absent city that ignores them and that increasingly reduces them to nothing, while they in a last Breath struggle not to disappear.


I uproot ... that strange feeling of pain that we feel when we see what was our own and today we find strangely foreign.

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