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It is a work of contemporary dance, which contains five short works within its structure.


Nostalgia, games, downloads emotions, sighs, memories and joys are woven in different ways with each blizzard, becoming a gust of strong wind for the senses of viewers.


Vacuum, has as a thesis the work of lightness and the weight of being. It is a sensitive choreography, which seeks to capture the vacuum in the movement of his interpreter by a contrast between the heavy literally and metaphorically speaking, and his relationship with just releasing time, which will make the dancers look physically committed as sensually.

Download, is a piece that proposes from its language bring the interpreter to a state of deep discharge where the feeling of weight, levity and exhaustion take another nuance and that's when the body and being allowed to see sincere on stage, each interpreter has a different charge according to its existence, but the way to let go if we can share it and is the movement, through it step by step we are removing charges, to refill new or old. Discharge is then a pretext to release and renew the vital energy that moves us every day.

Water is an intimate moment of a being that between nostalgia, sadness, memories, melancholy, fleeting joys and a handful of trouble, which attest to its passage from youth to adulthood, turns moving their only option to avoid drowning in the vicious circle of his memories and of a past life. Between apneas, chained movements, water, sweat, rain, will make this journey towards the construction of a new being.

Sighs, how many times have we asked ourselves, what would have happened if ...? I sigh, it is that need to go back in time and make other decisions. This trio of women, in one breath they vivenciarán three possible situations in which taking another option, manage to trigger a series of events of a possible realities, but they know back to sigh again that reality that can not escape, so being in a paradox, since they have lost sight of their true time. Now how can you know? That answer can only be found by immersing yourself in the other.

Cloud of Orion, ephemeral beings that between falls and encounters develop a new being.




Andrés Felipe Avendaño Suárez

Jhonatan González Quintero



Andrés Felipe Avendaño Suárez

Jhonatan González Quintero

Juliana Ponguta



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