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"Why only when you drop your feet can you start walking"
"Why only when you drop your feet can you start flying"
Every human being is a walker, every being of words is a walker who strives to describe some aspects of his way. In a growing society, increasingly complex and structured, the rules prevail and we begin to forget who we are. Being within the system, its stereotypes and archetypes, increasingly saturated with information and with less space to think, to decide, we face crossroads where definitive before and absolute then cross unrepeatable. But you have to walk fast, walk at the same pace, do not linger, those who stay are forgotten, abandoned.
FREE FALL is a cluster of memories of exhausted and lagging beings, whose borrowed memories have built an apparent now. Concerned about their past and longing for their future, they have lost their present, creating false preconceived directions for the outside. Without that notion of true direction, the road no longer exists, there is only mobility, displacement without direction or meaning.
In the middle of traveled paths, broken shoes, tired feet, heavy hearts, the task now will be to detach from your memories, which would mean losing your references, fade into inconsistency and FALL, so that from there, from that FREE FALL, seek to redefine yourself with an authentic and natural course, build a new road. To lean on one's own steps, but how to do it if they have always walked with the shoes of others? The only way will be to undress their feet and in them to find the truth of who they are.


That is the precise moment when we make the decision to take the step and jump into the void, leave the safe, to enter ourselves and realize who we are ... without the floor of the known, without the rules of the established, we fall endlessly, prey to our true passions, emotions, with the only hope that our feet know where they take us.

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